Global Federal Trusts E-Commerce Collection platforms provide :

A fully PCI compliant (data secured) web based service that enables online credit card authorisation with maximum speed, reliability and security.

Global Federal Trust can integrate the facility into any existing system or provide and host secure web pages which eliminates the need for you to purchase security certificates. All monies collected through this process are disbursed directly to your bank account. Global Federal Trust provides a full range of reports to help you manage the process effectively. As an additional benefit, Global Federal Trust can even develop a web interface which allows the entries to be posted directly onto your system.

By early 2012 Global Federal Trust will have developed an instalment collection system. This will facilitate the collection of regular instalments using pre-setup card data, held securely and enabling annual/monthly/weekly global collections for all types of payments as listed below.

The applications of this facility include :

  • Collection of sales proceeds
  • Collection of rental income
  • Collection of membership/maintenance fees both online and on-site
  • Collection of monies on-site in restaurants and other revenue generating areas

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