Who We Are

Global Federal Trust manages over 3.3bn worth of property assets, works with over 380 resorts and leisure real estate developments and provides services to over 810,000 consumers worldwide. Our innovative approach combined with years of experience in business administration enables us to design perfect business solutions that are both manageable and cost effective.

With a ‘hands on diversity’ senior management is involved at all stages to ensure your objectives are achieved. Global Federal Trust

Our clients benefit by

Legal structures to enable dynamic and long term growth, supporting both horizontal and vertical expansion.

Efficient operational and back-office services to simplify our processes, reducing administration costs and improves customer service levels and retention.

Trustee services: developing the necessary infrastructure that is legally and financially compliant, providing full protection in the end for the consumer.

Shared Ownership (what you need to know)

Choosing the right legal structure for your shared ownership development is essential. Whether a simple fixed week timeshare resort, an eighth share fractional, a non-equity private residence club or a deeded fractional property we can create a program, tailor-made for your long term success.

At Global Federal Trust we have partnered businesses for over 20 years.

Comprehensive Choice

As international market leaders, we are experts in designing commercial and legal structures for:

  1. Fractional Ownership
  2. Private Residence or Destination Clubs
  3. Timeshare Resorts/Clubs